Birthday Parties are a Very Special Occasion at the Glen Burnie Town Center
  When a Birthday Person and their Guests arrive they will be greeted by a Special Host.
  The host will assist the group with picking out the right skates and equipment.
 Plan A.   Economical Birthday Party $9.00 per person with a 6-person minimum. 2 hour session. 
 Plan B.   Birthday Party with the use of half of the Tented Pavillion  $11.00 per person with a 6 person minimum. 2 hour session. 

- There are tables and benches in the Tented Pavillion.

- Tickets are  required only for Ice Skaters. Ice Skate rentals are included. 

- Please call for reservations 410-590-5990

Private and Corporate Parties

~ Available sundays from 7:15pm-9:15pm, If school is in session the next day.

˜Cost is $300.00 includes skate rentals for up to 100 skaters. $2.00 for each additional skater.  Limit of 150 guests

˜Call or stop by the Skate Shop to reserve a date. 410-590-5990